Cyber Security - A Good Practice Guide For Fire and Security Professionals

Discover the industry recommendations to keep systems cyber secure and protective from vulnerabilities during the system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire and security systems. This course will provide you with a step-by-step guide on the checks to complete to ensure end-users systems are safe from attack, and more.

In this course we will be covering the following:

  • Basic Theory of TCP/IP
  • Understanding what a network is
  • Considerations when configuring networks, including the different types and topologies
  • Cybercrime and the main threats that exist in 2021
  • Security tools available for you to secure your networks
  • Key cybersecurity considerations for those operating in the fire and security sector, including the new BSIA code of practice and the recommended activities that all professionals should do when designing, installing and maintaining fire and security systems

Key Information

Full Cost Price £48.00
Course Price £48.00
Course Length 4 hours
Learning Method(s)

Online learning
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online assessment

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